Resource Management

Working with Webberry you receive not only experts for developing your project but also concomitant service for comfortable work of the team and maintaining positive microclimate of work process.

  • Planning

    System of work time planning enables us to coordinate experts’ schedule, book time for project’s needs, monitor engagement rate and sequence team leave plans.

  • Motivation

    Developing of individual motivation scheme for every employee, based on project’s success, customer’s and team members’ feedback.

  • Efficacy

    Monitoring of personal employee’s efficacy, appraisal of his performance in team, accuracy of tasks estimates, and also measurement of other important competencies that impacts the quality of works on project and level of communication with client.

  • Training

    Preparation and holding of internal trainings for staff in order to enhance a skill level, work with new tools and methodologies. Introduction to business-processes and subject matters of some projects.

  • Quality control

    Customers’ feedback analysis, complex estimate of service level. Regular control of the project due to modern standards.

  • Communications

    Consulting and advising by experienced TYPO3 association members in best practices of implementations, support for most efficient task handling during the project.

Our approach
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