Security and responsibility

The Webberry integrator understands the need for customers to protect confidential information and takes steps to properly ensure this requirement.

Legal Security

  • We sign a cooperation agreement taking into account the agreement on non-disclosure of access to closed systems, accounts, servers and the transfer of access to third parties.

  • Participants in the project, a specific team or individual specialists at the request of the customer can sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

  • Projects for the development or implementation of a software complex with White Lab are also accompanied by non-disclosure contracts.

Data Security

  • The employee's access rights to customer data sources, version control systems, or source codes are strictly permitted within the framework of a working project and the competence level of a specialist.

  • Development of the project or its tasks is carried out on the company's dedicated servers, developer version control branches on the customer's server or in the WorkSpace modes in the TYPO3 working project.

  • The development process uses the TYPO3 standards, which ensure data security and integrity of the system.

Our approach
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