Project management

Internal Webberry business processes are built and adopted in order to establish most suitable way for partnership and cooperation in a “back-office” format. This approach can’t fit to “no idea” client, which haven’t got vision about their product or expectation about desired result.

Method of optimal team

We form teams of optimal size for projects. Team members are chosen in accordance with their level of expertise and roles. Roles are carried out by every team member throughout the project and can be changed in dependency of its stage. Roles and expertises are are different concepts in web integration. One expert can handle few roles in one project. Such an approach brings a number of advantages for customer.

  • Method of minimal team structure - roles are combined by expertises and carried out throughout the project.

  • Maximal presence of experts on the project, all the members are involved in project based on full-time or primary engagement.

  • Maximum efficiency and resultiveness of decisions taken - well-designed and time-tested solutions and supervision by expert.

  • Teams of minimal structure handles internal communications in a best way thus additional control by manager is not required.

  • Team are easy to scale and to include additional developer without any impact on performance.

  • Method of minimal team structure deliveries best costs to quality balance.

Our approach
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