Website content management

Fill with content TYPO3 or NEOS website

Webberry company offers content management services for corporate websites and services.

Content managers with high level of expertise can do preparatory works on content optimization due to demands of every special project, e.g. optimization and images trimming for fast loading in order to internal engine’s requirements, files uploading and systematization, versions and changes control. You can cooperate with our expert in the one of suitable formats:

  1. Technical support package

    You can order long term technical support package and get a content-manager into your team. Package is paid on a monthly base in advance.

  2. Tasks by request

    Content management services are provided by your request. Task is paid in advance after estimate.

  3. Dedicated expert

    Content management services are provided by dedicated expert or by team of experts in order to project’s requirements, as usual on full or part time base (starts at 20 hours per week).

Service Includes

By contracting with Webberry you get not only content management expert but all required for stable work process software and equipment.

  • Every content manager are instructed by a programmer in managing the content in a specific project.

  • Work schedule of every expert is planned inside the Webberry and fit it to company’s vacations timetable.

  • Webberry’s management develops motivation scheme for every employee and measures his efficacy.

  • Webberry’s experts attend regular annual training courses on new features of TYPO3 system.

  • There is quality management system implemented in Webberry. We spend a survey for expert performance evaluation after completing all of project’s task.

  • Expert is supported throughout the entire process in order to deliver maximum efficacy in handling tasks.

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