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Checking and installing the latest updates for the corporate content management system TYPO3 includes the following typical list of works:

  • Core updating -
    Upgrade to the next available stable (Long Term Support) version or higher.

  • Update extensions -
    Install available and compatible updates for previously installed extensions.

  • Version Compatibility Analysis -
    Installing available and compatible updates for previously installed extensions.

  • Troubleshoot incompatibilities -
    For custom and authoring solutions, a rebuild is proposed for compatibility.

TYPO3 versions

List of available branches of the system, their technical features and terms of support

TYPO3 4.x

LTS version: 4.5
The latest release: 4.7.19
End of support: March 2015
PHP compatibility: 4-5.2

not supported


LTS version: 6.2
The latest release: 6.2.28
End of support: March 2017
PHP compatibility: 5.3-5.6

support expired


LTS version: 7.6
The latest release: 7.6
End of support: December 2018
PHP compatibility: 5.5-7.1



LTS version: 8.7
The latest release: 8.7
End of support: March 2020
PHP compatibility: 7.0-7.1


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