TYPO3 integration and development

CMS TYPO3 - platform for development of corporate website or service

TYPO3 based websites development

TYPO3 is one of the most powerful CMS platforms. Progressive developers tools enables us to implement malfunction decisions quickly and ensure stability of the system under high loads.

Moreover TYPO3 interface supports best practices of visualization of different page templates, image processing, e.g. cropping and scaling for adaptive websites.

We’ve tried a lot of different systems for web-sites/cross-platform teaser web-sites development, processing of huge data volumes and have chosen the reliable TYPO3 platform. Media agencies and business owners trust our experience in web-sites development.

Website development steps

Planning and Designing

Grooming the requirements and introductory information, planning, communications, search best solutions.

Reporting and Management

Interim reporting for consecutive improvement and work with changes.

QA and Launch

Testing, preparation of the content, page speed optimization, monitoring and analytics.

Clean Code

Technology of updating and saving of TYPO3 standards, compatibility and safety of future versions of product.

Content Care

Interface for content filling of web-site with visualization and work areas separation, change history management, SEO and tolls for individual tunings.

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