TYPO3 CMS for the CEO

TYPO3 helps your IT teams build secure, up-to-date systems that give your marketing department the tool it needs to connect with your customers and compete in today’s digital landscape.

TYPO3 CMS is an open source enterprise content management system offering excellent ROI, security, and regulatory compliance support. The TYPO3 Project is backed by a vibrant professional ecosystem of service providers, industry partners, and developers. Official vendor-SLAs and Extended Long-Term Support from TYPO3 GmbH extend project lifecycles up to six years per release, greatly increasing ROI and planning certainty.

TYPO3 makes it easy for your IT department to deliver the marketing features you need, and that can be significant challenges in other systems. TYPO3 gives your marketing teams an intuitive, easy-to-use toolset for creating and managing media-rich content and maintaining brand-consistency across all digital channels. It is built to deliver high-performance multisite installations, with digital asset management, great SEO, authoring, translation, and editorial workflows.

For your customers, TYPO3 delivers lightning-fast web pages, driving conversions. TYPO3 is built for data privacy compliance. Connect you and your brand to your customers through hundreds of individual sites and languages.
TYPO3 delivers regular releases, robust permissions and security hardening, GDPR data-privacy tooling, and up-to-date software components. Strict separation between web frontend and backend admin systems make it harder for intruders to interfere with your TYPO3 web properties.

Build it better with TYPO3 CMS. The open source license comes free of charge, freeing you to invest your budget directly in more features, better design, staffing, and training. Work with the agencies, vendors, and developers of your choice.